Magnetic Bearing Experiment--Turbo & Rotordynamics Models

Turbo Model

With the Turbo Model (MBC500T), students and researchers can drive the magnetic bearing rotor up to 10,000 RPM and perform turbine speed control and imbalance control experiments. The option includes:

  • 10,000 RPM bi-directional air turbine with housing mount
  • Rotor quadrature optical encoder
  • Precision dual-stage pneumatic servovalve
  • Speed limiter electronics
  • Back-panel turbine interface
  • Polycarbonate hand guard / acoustic shield with magnetic safety interlock
  • Air filter / dryer

The Turbo components are installed into the existing MBC500 electronics enclosure except for the turbine and turbine housing, which are external to the standard model.

High-Speed Rotor Dynamics Model

The High-Speed Rotor Dynamics Model (MBC500R) is a high-speed version of the Turbo 500 option, designed for operation up to 25,000 RPM. The special rotor system is designed to have two critical speeds within this operating range (~12,000 RPM and ~22,000 RPM) for rotor dynamics and research-level control experiments. Included in this option are:

  • 25,000 RPM high-speed bi-directional air turbine
  • Precision dual-stage pneumatic servovalve
  • Servovalve driver card
  • Speed limiter electronics
  • Back-panel interface
  • FEA-designed rotor assembly with critical speeds at ~12,000 and ~22,000 RPM
  • Stainless-steel safety containment tube with magnetic interlock
  • Acoustic shield
  • Air filter / dryer