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Hybrid Electric Gen Sets: LaunchPoint has developed Gen Sets based on reciprocating engines for hybrid electric UAV systems.  Reciprocating engines have much higher efficiency than turbine engines and, when coupled with our Gen Sets, represent a significant performance increase over existing hybrid power systems.  For mission durations above one to two hours the reduced fuel payload required for an efficient reciprocating engine can make the combined fuel and engine mass lower for a reciprocating Gen Set than a turbine-based Gen Set.  

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 Hybrid Multirotor Test Flight -- In-Flight Shutdown and Restart of Engine. (1.5 kW GenSet)



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Hybrid Electric Motors and Hybrid Electric Motor Controllers:  LaunchPoint has developed a line of hybrid electric motors and controllers (1.5 kW to 40 kW) specifically targeted at the hybrid electric UAV propulsion market as part of our Propulsion By Wire hybrid power system. Our high specific power, high efficiency motors and drives allow for greater payload, increased survivability and longer mission duration while lowering system cost. These products can be integrated into an existing hybrid power system or integrated into one of LaunchPoint's hybrid power systems.

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LaunchPoint Offers the Following Hybrid Electric UAV Motor Controllers:

15 kW 40 kW  Custom Motor Controllers


Request for Quote Hybrid UAV Electric Motors LaunchPoint Offers the Following Hybrid Electric UAV Motors:

1.5 kW 15 kW 40 kW  Custom Motors