Hybrid Electric UAV Generator Sets

LaunchPoint Technologies is developing Generator Sets based on reciprocating engines for hybrid electric UAV power sources.  Reciprocating engines have much higher efficiency than turbine engines.  For mission durations above one to two hours the reduced fuel payload required for an efficient reciprocating engine can make the combined fuel and engine mass lower for a reciprocating Generator Set than a turbine-based Generator Set.

Our 1.5 kW hybrid electric UAV Generator Set (with an associated LaunchPoint smart battery pack) was a plug-and-play hybrid power source demonstrator for small multi-rotor UAVs, demonstrating the capability to increase endurance up to 1.5 hours from the present 20 minutes pure electric on a large battery pack. 

Click Here to See Our 1.5 kW Demonstrator Generator Set in Action

Our hybrid electric UAV bus controller is integrated with the engine controls and generator controller to provide seamless management of power resources on the bus and maintain engine speed and bus voltage during transient events.  If a generator controller is utilized that features bi-directional active power conversion electronics then the alternator electric machine can also be used as a starter motor for the engine.

To achieve high specific power we utilize the highest performance engines available and couple them with our high specific power electric machines to achieve an efficient, light-weight system. 

6.0 kW Gen Set.png genset
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