Hybrid Bus & Vehicle Micro-Grid Control


Control Communication DiagramPower Bus Diagram
Control/Communication diagram (left) and power bus diagram (right) for one version of a hybrid power source

The DC bus in a hybrid electric vehicle is actually a small vehicle micro-grid with multiple energy sources and sinks. There are numerous possible topologies and technological solutions to integrating the power sources and electrical loads while providing the ability to regulate the micro-grid.  Each solution has different associated performance characteristics, costs, weights, and efficiencies.  The correct design depends heavily on the mission and vehicle characteristics.

LaunchPoint has developed  the expertise to select the correct architecture to meet mission requirements with minimum mass and maximum performance and reliability. 

We are also developing the smart-grid/hybrid-power-system controller required to manage all the resources on the bus and maintain micro-grid stability and regulation. In particular, the motor drive electronics (Electronic Speed Controls, or “ESC”) can interact with the DC bus to cause voltage regulation instability and resonances which can lead to “mysterious”  and “unexplained” controller explosions.  LaunchPoint Technologies' micro-grid control system and DC bus architectures can eliminate or mitigate these occurrences. During transient load situations, the DC bus voltage can drop or rise high enough to damage electronic components. Proper selection of the DC bus architecture and the design of the hybrid bus controller can reduce or mitigate the transient responses to acceptable levels.  LaunchPoint’s Hybrid Bus control technology is specifically designed with control of the DC bus transients in mind.