High-Reliability Battery Packs

LaunchPoint Technologies is working with our sister company LEAP (LaunchPoint Energy and Power) on high-reliability battery packs and Battery Management Systems (BMS).

 LaunchPoint Li-Ion Battery Pack

 Li-Ion cells are currently the “go-to” technology for high specific power electrical energy storage.  These cells can be damaged or even explode with flame if they are not kept within safe operating ranges of temperature, voltage and state-of-charge.  The BMS is the key to operating the cells in an acceptable manner. 

LEAP’s key technology is its patented BMS technology which can provide a fail-operational BMS that is tolerant to all single failures and some second and third failures, while still providing full performance.  This fail-operational capability of the BMS will allow electric aircraft to have a “continued safe flight and landing” response to any single failure in the BMS.

Redundancy in the BMS system can extend the useful life of a small UAV pack before repair/maintenance by allowing the pack to continue to be used after one (or more) faults within the BMS circuitry; which is the most complicated and failure-prone part of the pack.

BMS Features:

  • Enable In-flight recharging of battery pack by coordinating with hybrid bus and gen-set controller
  • Measure all cell voltages and temperatures
  • Coulomb counting and SOC (state of charge) measurement capability to facilitate fuel gauge function
  • Dissipative balancing to maintain cell balance
  • Pack Disconnect circuitry that will remove the pack from the DC bus in a major fault condition or for pack safety
  • CPU that will monitor all the signals; process the sensor data to derive useful battery pack measurements; manage the battery pack charging and balancing process; and communicate with the power system controller.