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Physiological Controller In-Vivo Trials

Posted on Tue, Oct 11, 2005

By: Ryan Avery

On Monday October 3rd, LaunchPoint engineers Mike Ricci, Jim Antaki and Shaun Snyder performed an in-vivo trial of the Physiologic Controller for next-generation rotary blood pumps.

In partnership with the University of Pittsburgh and MedQuest Products, LaunchPoint engineers have been working on controlling the sensitive nature of next-generation rotary blood pumps. With the help of a $750,000 Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Institute of Health, the physiologic controller will act as an intelligent system capable of monitoring and adapting to a patient's circulatory state.

Over 5 hours of data (500 megabytes) was recorded during the in-vivo trial. With the information collected during the tests, the controller algorithms used in the trials can be further analyzed and optimized. Michael Ricci noted that "Many of the controller schemes we tested performed remarkably well and in a manner similar to LaunchPoint's mock loop studies." Indeed, this bodes well not only for the controller algorithms, but for future of LaunchPoint's mock circulatory loop in device prototyping.

Once a final controller algorithm is chosen, preparation will be underway to begin IDE clinical trials.


University of Pittsburgh

Medquest Products, Inc

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