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LaunchPoint's Current NASA and DoD Funded Research and Development Projects

Posted on Sat, Mar 4, 2017
LaunchPoint Technologies is continually developing advanced technologies in the field of hybrid electric aircraft power and propulsion systems. Here are some of our current NASA and DoD funded research and development projects: 
  • NAVY Electric Tail Rotor Development 
    • Optimized, Designed and in the process of building a system that will replace the drive shaft and gear box in a Bell 209 Helicopter.
  • NASA Hybrid VTOL Propulsion System 
    • Optimized, designed, built and are testing a small series hybrid multi-rotor (1.5 kW).
  • NASA Cryogenically Cooled Motor Development 
    • Redesigned, built and in process of testing a 6 kW motor that is fluid cooled using on board cryo-cooled fuels.  Providing increased efficiency of the motor as well as a consumable fuel for a hybrid power internal combustion engine.
  • NASA 40 kW Motor Controller 
    • Optimized, designed, built and are testing a SiC based motor controller.  
  • NASA 15 kW Motor Controller 
    • Project goal is to provide 20 SiC based motor controllers for use in a distributed electric propulsion test bed.
  • NASA Dynamometer System Development 
    • Designed and in the process of building a multi-channel dynamometer system to test distributed propulsion performance.
  • NASA Additive Motor Manufacturing 
    • Assist with motor design for advanced additive motor manufacturing processes.