LaunchPoint Technologies is a custom systems engineering and advanced aerospace technology small business that specializes in high power density electric machines, advanced motor controllers and high-reliability aerospace systems engineering. LaunchPoint Technologies has developed a suite of technologies to enable safe, reliable and airworthy electric and hybrid-electric flight.

LaunchPoint Technologies is a DCMA/DCAA approved Contractor with current established rates. LaunchPoint Technologies is currently working on several DoD funded efforts that span several branches of the United States military.


LaunchPoint Technologies expertise covers a breadth of technologies including

Advanced Electromechanical Systems

                Axial Flux Dual Halbach Array Motors     

                High Specific Power Hybrid-Electric Gen Sets

                Frictionless Magnetic Gears

                High Speed Magnetically Actuated Engine Valves

Advanced Motor and Power Controllers

                High Power Density Motor Controllers

                High Power Density Generator/Power Controllers

                Ultra Lightweight and Reliable Solid State Power Controller Modules



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