Systems Engineering

With the advanced state of technology today, project goals can no longer be accomplished by just one discipline. The fact is, engineering projects today require the cross-collaboration of top talent from many different fields. Creating a winning product requires everyone's dedication.

More than just collaboration

We go a step further than collaboration. Our entire team is experienced in our core value of systems engineering. We know how to step back and look at the project as a whole. From this perspective we can clearly identify the refinements and optimizations necessary to take a product to the forefront of the marketplace.

This systems engineering perspective is something that larger, more traditional research and development departments simply are not set up to do. This is how LaunchPoint helped the Inogen OneTM to revolutionize the oxygen therapy market. In addition, market leader World Heart Corporation quickly acquired MedQuest's ventricular assist device, which LauchPoint assisted in prototyping.

Greater than the sum of our parts

So feel free to call us Materials Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers or Chemical Engineers. But more than anything else, we are all Systems Engineers. And with this common outlook on engineering, we're united in our common goal of shaping the future, one innovation at a time.