Rapid Prototyping

The technology of the past decade has revolutionized the product design workflow. Gone are the days of waiting endless weeks for incremental design prototypes. Today, the time required to produce prototypes has been exponentially reduced, along with the associated costs.

Quick prototyping has become such a necessary part of our engineering workflow that we maintain in-house prototyping facilities. The time required to create a working physical model from a conceptual idea has changed from many months to just a matter of days. The team at LaunchPoint has the knowledge, skills, and tools required to produce full design prototypes for any project. From the initial concept, to a CAD design, to the final prototype, our staff specializes in turning ideas into products on a short schedule. We have several industry-standard tools at our disposal that allow us to prototype almost any design necessary:

  • SolidWorks design suite
  • CosmosWorks Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • CFX Computational Fluid Dynamics software
  • Ansoft electromagnetic FEA software
  • Pro/Engineer solid modeling package
  • CAMWorks and Pro/Manufacturer CAM software
  • CNC Milling and Turning
  • Manual Milling, Turning, Surface and OD/ID grinding

Between our own labs and our partners’ labs, the team at LaunchPoint has access to the tools needed to get the job done, no matter what's required. Our prototyping facilities are also available to all of our clients and partners. For more information or to request a quote, contact us today!