Electrical Engineering

The LaunchPoint Electrical Engineering team is headed by Vice President, Mike Ricci. Our team possesses a wealth of industry experience in many areas, including:

  • Electromechanical design
  • Magnetic system design
  • Low-noise analog design
  • Sensor design
  • Radio frequency (RF) and radar design
  • Digital electronics
  • Embedded controllers
  • Power conversion
  • Motor drives
  • PSpice simulation
  • Circuit layout

At LaunchPoint, we actively promote interdisciplinary teamwork among our engineers. In fact, most of the projects in which we are involved require cross-discipline collaboration. Thus, our Electrical Engineers are not only versed in magnetic and electromechanical systems, they also have access to expert knowledge in the Chemical, Biological, Mechanical, and Materials engineering fields. LaunchPoint has the resources needed to turn any client’s concept into a working prototype, no matter what engineering skills are required.

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