Jim Fiske

Jim Fiske, CEO, Gravity Power

Founder and CTO, Gravity Power LLC

VP of Advanced Systems, LaunchPoint Technologies, Inc.

Jim Fiske is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Gravity Power, LLC, a bulk energy storage spin-out of LaunchPoint Technologies, Inc.  Jim is leading his team in the development of the new Gravity Power Module (GPM), a revolutionary grid-scale electricity storage system.

Jim joined the LaunchPoint team as the Vice President of Advanced Systems in 2000 in a partnership between Magtube and LaunchPoint to develop a revolutionary maglev vehicle system. Jim conceptualized a new class of maglev freight transportation, created the initial design, applied for patents, successfully raised $2 million in venture funding from CrossPoint Venture Partners, and provided oversight for the development and construction of a full-scale maglev vehicle. He has since discovered several other promising applications for this breakthrough maglev technology.

Prior to founding Magtube, Jim served as Co-Founder and Vice President of Advanced Development at Quad Design Technology, a provider of leading-edge computer-assisted engineering software; a principal architect of a mini-supercomputer designed to exploit ultra-high-speed gallium arsenide integrated circuits at Vitesse Electronics; and a senior member of the technical staff and lead designer of high performance digital signal processing systems at Hughes Aircraft Company. He currently holds six patents, four of which involve maglev technologies.

Jim has recently been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research to adapt maglev technology to energy storage and space launch applications. He is an outstanding speaker and writer, and a scholar of maglev applications. Jim received his Electrical Engineering & Computer Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1978.

Email: jfiske@launchpnt.com