Chung-Ming Li

Principal Electrical Engineer

Chung-Ming Li received his BSEE from the National Taiwan Institute of Marine Science & Technology and his MSEE from California State University, Fullerton in 1983. Chung-Ming won the Litton Technology Innovation Award in 1997 and the Boeing Technical Excellence Award in 2001 for his work for these corporations. Mr. Li has extensive experience in analog circuit design for both terrestrial and space communication and control applications. Before coming to work for LaunchPoint, Chung-Ming worked for: Delco Systems Operation, where he performed analog and power circuit design for space, military and automotive programs and was identified as a GM high potential employee; Litton Guidance and Control Systems, where he led the analog design team supporting Inertial Reference Unit (IRU) design for space applications and received a patent on his Vibratory Rotation Sensor with Whole Angle Tracking Mechanization; and Boeing Space and Communication Company, where Chung-Ming led the analog design team supporting Digital Signal Processing Payload design for communication & Science Observatory Satellite applications. Chung-Ming is the principal electrical engineer at LaunchPoint and is currently involved in magnetically levitated artificial heart pump design.