Brian J. Clark

Engineering Manager


Brian J Clark is the Engineering Manager at Launch Point Technologies. He has been with the company since 2010, when he started with technology startup, Global Energy Science (GES) as an R&D engineer leading a research and development program. At that time, GES was a technology incubator client of LaunchPoint, a service that LaunchPoint has provided for companies like Inogen, Gravity Power, and others. The GES startup was focused on advanced electrochemical systems and yielded 14 issued patents and additional patents pending as well as valuable prototype and simulation data that are currently being utilized by several academic research groups and industry partners. After success with GES, Brian transitioned to work with LaunchPoint on electric and hybrid-electric aircraft propulsion and power generation programs and continues to do so today. Brian is currently leading the team that is working on engineering design, manufacturing, integration, and testing of prototype and experimental systems. Brian studied Physics and Applied Physics at UC Santa Barbara and CSU Channel Islands; he earned a BS in Applied Physics from CSU Channel Islands.