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LaunchPoint Technologies is a Government and Defense Solutions Group specializing in advanced hybrid electric power and propulsion systems for UAVs and other unmanned systems. LaunchPoint's hybrid electric UAV systems increase flight duration by 300% to 500% compared to battery only UAV systems.          Government and Defense Solutions



High Specific Power, High Efficiency Electric Machines and Controllers for Hybrid Electric Aircraft

LaunchPoint Gen-Set


Hybrid Electric Gen Sets for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

LaunchPoint Technologies is developing high performance gen sets based on reciprocating engines for hybrid electric UAVs.  

LaunchPoint Motor/Generator Controller

Advanced Hybrid Electric Motor Drives & Generator Controllers

LaunchPoint Technologies is developing a line of motor controllers specifically targeted at the hybrid electric UAV propulsion market as part of our Propulsion-By-Wire System.

LaunchPoint Propulsion-By-Wire Halbach Array Electric Motor

High Specific Power, High Efficiency Electric Machines for Hybrid Aircraft

LaunchPoint Technologies has been developing high specific power, high efficiency electric machines for demanding, high reliabilty aerospace applications.

LaunchPoint Propulsion By Wire Battery Pack

High Reliability Battery Packs for Electric and Hybrid Electric Flight

LaunchPoint Technologies is working on high reliability battery packs and battery management systems (BMS) for long duration, fail safe, electric & hybrid electric aircraft.