Advanced Motor Drives and Generator Controllers

The Propulsion By Wire Technology requires motor drives and generator controllers that are designed especially for electric propulsion applications.

LaunchPoint Technologies is developing a line of motor controllers (1.5 kW - 40 kW) specifically targeted at the electric propulsion market as part of our Propulsion By Wire system.

Our controllers will meet flightweight performance metrics while incorporating built-in bus capacitance and output EMI filtering to maintain DC bus stability and meet electromagnetic emissions standards.

Controller Render

 Proposed 1.5 kW motor drive

Our controllers will feature advanced sensorless commutation algorithms for smooth start-ups and vibration-free, efficient motor operation.  Fault detection and mitigation (when possible) will be implemented to allow the controller to continue to operate in the presence of some system faults.

High switching frequencies in the power devices will allow smooth operation with high performance motors that have extremely low stator inductances.


  • High switching frequency for smooth operation with low inductance motors and reduced EMI filter/ bus capacitor mass
  • Generator controller mode with control algorithms tailored to regulate a hybrid vehicle DC bus
  • Advanced control algorithms allowing coordination and phase synchronization of multiple motor drives/propellers for acoustic and power management purposes
  • Sensorless or sensored operation
  • Adaptive control algorithm will allow continued operation in the presence of some motor winding and controller electronics failures
  • Customized fault-mode behavior tailored to aircraft applications
  • Dual CAN bus interfaces for high-reliability applications
  • Higher voltage than hobby ESCs will allow lower wire weight


Industrial controllers are too heavy; and lightweight R/C hobby controllers do not have sufficient design margin, advanced control algorithms, or EMI filtering/bus capacitance built in.  LaunchPoint’s motor controllers will be targeted at this unmet need.