LaunchPoint Technologies is a custom systems engineering and advanced aerospace technology small business that specializes in high power density electric machines, advanced motor controllers and high-reliability aerospace systems engineering. LaunchPoint Technologies has developed a suite of technologies to enable safe, reliable and airworthy electric and hybrid-electric flight.

LaunchPoint Technologies is a DCMA/DCAA approved Contractor with current established billing rates. LaunchPoint Technologies is currently working on several DoD funded efforts that span several branches of the United States military.


LaunchPoint Technologies expertise covers a breadth of technologies including

Advanced Electromechanical Systems

                Axial Flux Dual Halbach Array Motors     

                High Specific Power Hybrid-Electric Gen Sets

                Frictionless Magnetic Gears

                High Speed Magnetically Actuated Engine Valves

Advanced Motor and Power Controllers

                High Power Density Motor Controllers

                High Power Density Generator/Power Controllers

                Ultra Lightweight and Reliable Solid State Power Controller Modules



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