Advanced Electric Motor Design

LaunchPoint Technologies can design and analyze virtually any type of motor you may require: reluctance machines; permanent magnet (PM) brushless machines; linear or rotary; axial or radial flux.

We specialize in unique and/or high performance designs.  Our electromagnetic FEA modeling and optimization techniques allow us to design, validate, and prototype a motor tailored to your specific application that can achieve a higher performance than any off-the-shelf design.

Power Ring energy storage flywheel motor coils under construction Large flywheel motor designed by LaunchPoint High Power Density Halbach Array Motor Small pump motors and windings
From left to right: Power Ring energy storage flywheel air core motor windings; Power Ring energy storage flywheel Halbach motor; high power density dual Halbach array motor; PediaFlow and Streamliner VAD pumps and windings (images link to porfolio projects)

If you require the very best motor possible, then
LaunchPoint Technologies is the design team for you.

We design:

Coreless Halbach array motors are our specialty.  We have designed both axial flux and radial flux versions of these motors, with single and dual Halbach arrays.  For details on a design that we are in the process of commercializing, see UAV Electric Propulsion in our project portfolio.

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Exploded View of High Power Density Dual Halbach Array Electric Motor Dual Halbach Array Ducted Fan Motor Cross Section of Daul Halbach Array Electric Motor