Nihat Okulan

Principal MEMS Scientist

Nihat Okulan, PhD, is a Principal Scientist with Advanced NanoStructures LLC and collaborates with LaunchPoint Technologies on MEMS design and fabrication. Dr. Okulan is an expert in the development and characterization of MEMS/NEMS devices for commercial and medical applications. He has conducted MEMS research for over ten years and has published numerous papers on MEMS devices and fabrication technologies. Dr. Okulan received his B.S./M.S. degree from the Hochschule Bremen, Germany, and his Ph.D. from the University Of Cincinnati . He holds several patents for Nano/MEMS devices and fabrication methods. Many of Dr. Okulan’s efforts have been directed towards the manufacturability of nano- and micro-devices. His principal technological accomplishments in the MEMS technology domain include: the development and fabrication of comb driven MEMS micro-mirrors; the development of novel 3D nano-probes and characterizers for atomic force microscopy; the design, fabrication and testing of devices for micro-fluidic systems.