Our Award-Winning Team

LaunchPoint engineers are recognized nationally and internationally for their expertise in systems engineering and control system design.





Brad E. Paden, Board Chair and former CEO, was awarded the 2010 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division Charles S. Draper Innovative Practice Award for his "excellent sustained contributions in the innovative application of dynamic systems, measurements, and control".

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"LaunchPoint is doing some of the best engineering I have ever seen."

  -John Woodard, PhD, Senior Vice President
  of Scientific Affairs, World Heart Corporation

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Raytheon Corporation recognized LaunchPoint for its rapid development and demonstration of a Fast Filter-Switching Mechanism.

Aerospace Technology

LaunchPoint Technologies  is an engineering services and contract R&D firm that specializes in electromechanical systems design and new technology development.


Propulsion-By-Wire Technology

   LaunchPoint is currently developing a suite of technologies to enable safe, reliable, and airworthy electric  and
   hybrid-electric flight.   More

LaunchPoint Hybrid Bus

Hybrid Bus & Vehicle "Micro-Grid" Control

LaunchPoint has developed the expertise to select the correct architecture to meet mission requirements with minimum mass and maximum performance and reliability.

LaunchPoint Motor/Generator Controller

Advanced Motor Drives & Generator Controllers

LaunchPoint Technologies is developing a line of motor controllers specifically targeted at the electric propulsion market as part of our Propulsion-By-Wire System.

LaunchPoint Gen-Set


LaunchPoint Technologies is developing gen-sets based on reciprocating engines for aircraft hybrid power sources.  

LaunchPoint Propulsion-By-Wire Halbach Array Electric Motor

High Specific Power, High-Efficiency Electric Machines

LaunchPoint Technologies has been developing high specific power, high-efficiency electric machines for demanding, high-reliabilty applications.

LaunchPoint Propulsion By Wire Battery Pack

High-Reliability Battery Packs

LaunchPoint Technologies is working on high-reliability battery packs and battery management systems (BMS) for long-duration, fail-safe, electric & hybrid-electric flight.