Our Award-Winning Team

LaunchPoint engineers are recognized nationally and internationally for their expertise in systems engineering and control system design.





Brad E. Paden, Board Chair and former CEO, was awarded the 2010 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division Charles S. Draper Innovative Practice Award for his "excellent sustained contributions in the innovative application of dynamic systems, measurements, and control".

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"LaunchPoint is doing some of the best engineering I have ever seen."

  -John Woodard, PhD, Senior Vice President
  of Scientific Affairs, World Heart Corporation

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Raytheon Corporation recognized LaunchPoint for its rapid development and demonstration of a Fast Filter-Switching Mechanism.

R&D topics: energy, transportation, biomedical, and aerospace


Technology Development

UAV Electric Motor

High Power Density Halbach Array Electric Motor

Launchpoint has developed an electric motor that gives better power and efficiency performance per pound than any other motor commercially available.

Electromechanical Valve Actuator

NEW! Electromechanical Valve Actuator for IC Engines

LaunchPoint has developed a low cost, high efficiency, electromechanical valve actuation system that achieves fully variable control over the duration and phase of an ICE’s intake valve. Strategic partners are being sought for commercialization efforts.

Infant with PediaFlow VAD

PumpKIN: Pumps for Kids Infants & Neonates

PumpKIN is an NIH-funded program to continue the development and clinical realization of the PediaFlow® Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device.

Electric Vehicle

LEAP Hi-Rel Battery Management Systems (BMS)

LEAP, a spin-off of LaunchPoint Technologies, was formed to commercialize high-reliability battery management systems for Lithium-ion batteries.

Gravity Power Energy Storage

Gravity Power Grid-Scale Electricity Storage System

Energy storage is critical to the future of renewable energy and Gravity Power is ready to build it.