Aerospace Technology

LaunchPoint Technologies  is an engineering services and contract R&D firm that specializes in electromechanical systems design and new technology development.


Propulsion-By-Wire Technology

LaunchPoint is currently developing a suite of technologies to enable safe, reliable, and airworthy electric  and    hybrid-electric flight.   More

High Specific Power, High-Efficiency Electric Machines

LaunchPoint Hybrid Bus

Hybrid Bus & Vehicle "Micro-Grid" Control

LaunchPoint has developed the expertise to select the correct architecture to meet mission requirements with minimum mass and maximum performance and reliability.

LaunchPoint Motor/Generator Controller

Advanced Motor Drives & Generator Controllers

LaunchPoint Technologies is developing a line of motor controllers specifically targeted at the electric propulsion market as part of our Propulsion-By-Wire System.

LaunchPoint Gen-Set


LaunchPoint Technologies is developing gen-sets based on reciprocating engines for aircraft hybrid power sources.  

LaunchPoint Propulsion-By-Wire Halbach Array Electric Motor

High Specific Power, High-Efficiency Electric Machines

LaunchPoint Technologies has been developing high specific power, high-efficiency electric machines for demanding, high-reliabilty applications.

LaunchPoint Propulsion By Wire Battery Pack

High-Reliability Battery Packs

LaunchPoint Technologies is working on high-reliability battery packs and battery management systems (BMS) for long-duration, fail-safe, electric & hybrid-electric flight.